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Waldenwoods Cottage Rental Key Benefits

Imagine yourself all curled up in an easy chair sitting next to a crackling fire, in one of our quaint little cottages. Let the troubles outside of our gates pass you by. No phones, no laundry, no daily chores, no to-do list, just the peace and tranquility of Waldenwoods resort, and all of its majestic, splendor. The quiet beauty of Waldenwoods can help you relax, meditate, contemplate, catch up on your written work, or write that novel that you have always wanted to do. Why put those things off any longer. Waldenwoods is beckoning you, come here, come now. This is where you need to be, don’t put it off any longer, it is now time for you, because you deserve it, you work to hard not to do this.

Imagine you and your sweetie snuggled up together, overlooking beautiful Lake Walden, giving each other undivided attention that each of you crave, need, and deserve. Strengthen your relationship, by spending time together, just the two of you. All of the hustle and bustle left outside our gates. Share and intimate dinner for two in our Bellringer Club, or take a three mile hike or cross country ski, around the lake, listening to the crisp white snow crunching beneath your feet with each step you take. Observe Mother Nature at her finest, with our pristine woods, and occasional glimpse of a baby fawn and its mother grazing in a nearby field. Holding each others hands, taking the time to talk, and listen to each other, catching up on the everyday life that is passing by so quickly. Make plans for the future, or talk about the past. Imagine, just the two of you.

Imagine, the whole family in one of our larger cottages, take away the cell phones, no computers, no TVs if you wish. Just think, it will be just you and your family, no interruptions. Yes, you will all go through withdrawals. Oh my gosh, the world will be left outside of our gates, no interruptions, do you think you can handle that? Just think, heart to heart talks with the kids, who usually have no time to talk, or let alone listen to each other. Don’t let life be so fast and furious that you don’t have time to spend with one another. Before you know it, the children will be grown and gone, and you will look back and realize that you had no real quality time together. Don’t let this happen to you and your family, it’s not too late, and we are right around the corner. Cross country skiing, brisk long walks, ice fishing, sledding, watching sports on the wide screen TV in our Bellringer Club lounge. Picture this, playing an old fashion board game, listening to the laughter of your loved ones as they enjoy the enthusiastic competition with each other. Or better yet, just sit next to that roaring fire wrapped in soft blankets as you are reading a good book or chatting with the family about every day life, days gone by, and the near future as you are gazing out the window, watching the sunbeams glisten and dance gently on the fresh fallen snow. Just think of the price we actually pay by not spending that “Quality time” with the family, building memories are priceless. Don’t let time pass you by. Stop, drop what you’re doing, and call now. Don’t cheat yourselves, life is too short. Now is the time to give yourself and your loved ones the gift that keeps on giving, a lifetime of wonderful memories, priceless.

We envy you, for you and your loved ones have yet to experience Waldenwoods for the very first time. We are anxiously waiting to hear from you. I urge you again, Call Now!!


Music by the campfire

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