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“Our family has stayed in the Hillside Cottage every Spring Break for the last 7 years. We have watched our 4 children grow up enjoying the serenity of this place… Waldenwoods has allowed us to create lasting memories without having to travel half way around the world.”

- Tamatha Egner

“A warm fire on a cold winter night… how relaxing! We hope to have many more memories here!”

- Dennis Bathurst & Miranda Williams

“This is our 1st visit at the Hillside. We loved it and thought it was beautiful. This won’t be our last visit. We enjoyed good food, good times, the snow, and beautiful scenery along with much love and laugher. Sweet memories to dwell on in years to come.”

- The Christensens

“I love this place and I’ll always have lots of memories of it. It is such a great place to go with your family. The sledding is great, and so is the hiking. I’m really going to miss this.”

-Abbi White

“Another wonderful weekend at Waldenwoods comes to an end, and so does my membership, soon. I can’t believe it’s been almost 20 years. So many good times here, it’s been a real pleasure sharing it with friends and family.”


“I love the new cottage. My family has been coming here for about 7 years, and it has changed my life. I’ve learned that you don’t need a T.V. or an IPod to have fun. All you need is a family full of love and a nice, hot fire.”

- Maddie Egner

“This cottage is amazing! I’m enjoying every second here. I think it’s wonderful. When I walk into the cottages it’s very heartwarming. I already feel I’m going to have great experiences and memories here.”

- Haley Knedgen

“We’ve been coming to the Hillside cottage for about the past 10 years for a winter weekend getaway. It’s a great time to spend with family and just to relax. We have a lot of great memories of our time spent here. It’s been our “home away from home!” Already looking forward to next year!”

- The Adamcik’s

“We have been coming to The Woods for years now. We love it here. Have stayed in most of the rentals by now. Lots of bonding! Many happy times & memories to take with us.”

- Tom & Gloria Marshall

“My husband and I joined the Waldenwoods family over 20 years ago, and we have enjoyed this pleasant spot, and watching the kids enjoy it also. Thanks for the memories”

- Joyce Marshall

“My husband and I have enjoyed the peace and serenity Waldenwoods offers with each visit. There is no place like Waldenwoods!”

- Mr. and Mrs. Fred Douglas

“Another wonderful weekend at Waldenwoods is coming to a close. Leaving is always the hardest part. My wife convinced me to become a member in 1998 after coming as a guest with family friends. We come 3 or 4 times a year and it is always wonderful. The whole family loves it. I am really looking forward to our next visit”

- Raven & Deborah Forney

“I love it here!”


“Even thought I only got to spend 1 day here, I had a lot of fun! My best friend and I took a kayak out and splashed each other. I hope I can come back soon!”

- Carolynn J

“The last time I stayed in this cabin it was with my mom, my dad, 3 brothers, and 3 sisters, and my boyfriend Matt came to visit. Matt is now my husband, and we stayed here with our 3 children. We went sail boating, went in a rowboat, and went on a bike ride and a nature walk. We went swimming, played in the sand, found turtles and had a campfire. The hillside is so nicely decorated and Waldenwoods is looking better than ever!”

- Mary Aiguisla Lesko

“I love the view of the fishing pond!”

- The Farkas Family

“This was our girl’s weekend. My mom and all my sisters have a 3-day weekend every year. Our first weekend here was about 12 years ago. This was a great time. We walked around the lake, and took out a paddle boat and put it on the lake at sunset. We got to watch 2 weddings, and catch some rays from the sun.

Rose Krijel

“This was our first stay at the Hillside. Loved it! So quiet & peaceful. The husband and boys had a great time fishing and we all loved our beach time. Our favorite thing though was the campfires and hanging out. Hope to come and stay again!”

- Steve, Joann, Patty, Carrie, Bubba & Evan

“We loved the view of the lake and we went boating. My sister and I even went swimming. We had lots of fun!”

- The Wilsons

“This is our first visit to Hillside. We really enjoyed our stay. Housekeeping does a great job! The place is nice and clean. It is so easy to get comfortable here. We hate to leave.”

- R. Stone

“What a splendid opportunity to stay at Waldenwoods. The Hillside cottage is lovely. The Friendship lodge, and Sunshine lodges are also lovely. Look forward to visiting in the years to come with my sister and her new family.”

- Lorraine, Marrianne, Macy, Maureen, Mallery & Trisha

“The Hillside cottage has been an awesome place to stay. My mom got married this weekend, and it was a great time of relaxation and celebration. We enjoyed the screened in porch and bonfire pit all through the night. Everyone who came up for the wedding absolutely loved Waldenwoods and enjoyed beautiful Lake Walden. I’m sure we’ll be back to the Hillside cottage, it was a great getaway! Thanks for making it a wonderful weekend for family and friends alike.”

- Marrianne Nelson

“We came here by our very food friend. When we hold us he got a ‘cabin’ on a lake, we had no idea it was such a lovely house. The colors are great in every room. It was the best visit to Michigan yet! We look forward to coming back next year – or sooner!”

- Jeff Martin & Susan Graul

“I am getting married in the morning. A whole new life is just beginning. I am really excited that I get to share this wonderful adventure with my m other, who is here with me tonight, in a place that is so nice.”

- Alicia Stehle

“My sister got married last night. What a blast! We really enjoyed the cabin, it is so beautiful. Seven people slept in here, very comfortable!”

- Shannon, Shaun, Darren, Douglas, Julie, Tim & Shauna

“The cottage on the hill has been our book club’s getaway for the past three years. We love the new décor and enjoy all the special touches put in the room. Our weekend was very exciting. The Hillside cottage has been a great place for our group to bond and enjoy each other’s company. The weather was sunny and beautiful; we only had a fire one night.”

- The Time Out Book Club

“Thank you Waldenwoods for 22 years of memories. Joining as newlyweds and ending with our grown children has brought us to a close. We knows, maybe we will be back in retirement? One thing that we love is that in all these years everything else has changed and Waldenwoods has remained the contestant. Thanks to the Crouse family and an always wonderful staff!”

- Karen & Dennis Strucinski

“This is our second time at Hillside this year. My husband and I came up here; hoping our sons would join us but being here along has been so romantic and enjoyable. Coming up here is just what the doctor ordered.”

- Chuck & Mary W.

-This is our last cottage rental as our membership expires next month. It has been a very memorable 20 years filled with great memories of celebrations, holidays and just getaways with family and friends. You changed and made many improvements during our time here and we wish you continued success as you give more families an opportunity to create lasting memories at Waldenwoods.”

- Diann Dupuis

“Waldenwoods was wonderful. We had the best day ever and we look forward to coming back throughout the years to celebrate!”

- John & AJ Lochner

“A most memorable experience! The individuals working at Waldenwoods were so helpful & kind. Hillside was so cozy & comfortable. This is a magnificent place. It is so peaceful and beautiful. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.

- Elvorina America

“This has to be the most peaceful place I’ve ever stayed. All the staff were friendly and that makes a big difference. The beauties of the surroundings were priceless.”

- Lennette Thomas

“We were here for the fireworks. They were great. The beach was also awesome. The family all had a great time on the 4th. It was our first day and so far it was great!”

- Jeff

“My family and I would like to thank your fine resort for the lovely, relaxing evening we were able to share with our fellow pipeliners and your wonderful staff. We have enjoyed our extended stay at Waldenwoods and although we are still uncertain of our departure date, we continue to look forward to each blessed day at Waldenwoods.”

- The Harvilles

“This was the first time I was here. We had a real good time, a lot of laughs, food and drinks. I can’t wait to come back this summer and lay on the beach, and sit around a campfire and enjoy the scenery of Waldenwoods.”

- Nancy Leverence

“Waldenwoods is so in my heart. It’s a place I go to for my peace of mind. I laughed so much I hurt.”

- Gloria & Nancy

“My husband and I find this place very amazing. Fishing was fun. I love how I can sit on a screened in porch and look at the water and the sky. The sunset was very beautiful.”

- Renee & T.J Gaushas

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